Saturday, May 06, 2006

Illustration Friday~Fat

This is a FAT clockwork Rhino approx. 3x4 inches watercolor on Fabriano Artistico paper.

Available in my ebay store.

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At 1:32 AM , Blogger Marie-Dom said...

I just love your work.

At 10:07 AM , Blogger buep said...

Very original piece of work! I like it :)

At 1:46 PM , Blogger murphy girl said...

wow.....well, yes, wow!

At 10:44 AM , Blogger Kaya said...

Very interesting, I enjoy the eyes and the muted colours.

At 9:04 AM , Blogger georg said...

I have looked at the other images at your blog, and I must say, that you have a very special, beautiful style - I love it!


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